Small Business Server

For small and medium-sized companies with up to 35 employees.


[accantum] SBS Server Small Business Server

For small companies with up to 10 users.

Small Business Server Premium

For small companies with up to 35 users, contains the module for form recognition, as well as the DirectLink search client.

Archive Cube

The Archive Cube is a proven compact, pre-configured stand-alone system.The Archive Cube features high-performance hardware and an appealing design.

Archive Server

[accantum] is a state of the art document- and filing-system with a wide range of services and diverse additional solutions. We offer suitable versions for any size of business. The modular structure fulfills any kind of needs. The central setup of our system and the Application Programming Interface (API) allows flexibility to third parties as well.

Document Server

With the [accantum] document manager you define automated processes for incoming and outgoing documents. This can be either standard pages, or by using the Printcenter or the Scancenter, individual documents from office applications or scans.

Hosted Server

The [accantum] „ Document Warehouse“- as a web-based document-archiving-solution – offers the opportunity to search, show, download and store documents in a well structured and user-friendly way.

Workflow Module

[accantum] features by default a workflow module for efficient processing of your documents.

Invoices can be recorded automatically, forwarded to person / department in charge and approved via a digital standardized accounting audit workflow. The digital approval is driven via tasks. Tasks can be monitored and people involved actively informed. This will save time and costs.

Workflows are fully configurable and can be adjusted to individual requirements of your company.



Electronic archiving with [accantum] creates more transparency of business processes and allows the storage of all documents compliant to legal demands – as well for electronic files and eMails.

Incoming Mail

Processing time can be reduced by digital handling and automated distribution of incoming mails.


By forwarding invoices in an automated way print- and postal costs can be minimized, processing will speed up, employees will be relieved. In addition via the [accantum]-SEPA-Tool all outgoing mandates and pre-notifications will be sent and archived electronically.


Digital documents and folders replace the traditional paper archives. All documents will be placed automatically by filing principles, which ensures easy enquiry and ability to provide information based on a clear structure.


By integration and adaption of our web-based software we offer completely new ways of optimizing business processes.


Accantum presents several additional modules especialyy universal ones, which are working irrespective of our applications.