Accantum presents a line-up of additional modules like universal ones, which are irrespective from our applications.


Just find!

DirectLink focuses the document search. You just need to mark any word, number or table row via mouse and confirm with your self-created key combination. DirectLink starts searching in the background. As soon as hits have been found the browser opens the hitlist known by Accantum – that’s it!
DirectLink is a service monitoring key combination and starting search immediately by clicking the respective ones.
DirectLink is used for direct search of documents in your accantum-archive from any Windows application. You define a search profile in DirectLink to find a text and table rows.
  • You want to see documents belonging to an order?
  • You want to verify a complaint of an invoice, sent by E-Mail?
  • You need a letter from a personnel file?
Hits can be created from any Windows application, without manual opening of the browser and without additional notification (for Single-SignOn).


Easy tool

DirectLink is an easy to handle tool for PCs with high functionality. The configuration allows various kinds of profiles for different search options. This is important in case you want to search from different tables. Using DirectLine you can create profiles for following configurations:

Search profile: Define the key combination for DirectLink. Any number of profiles is possible.

Free text search: Mark as many words and numbers as needed for the search in the archive.

Table Search: Define which columns  and rows of a record should be part of the search and sent to [accantum].

For further information about DirectLink please have a look at media library.

  • Search via key combination from every application
  • Configurable for searching from table rows


Export Manager


More and more documents are requested electronically by third parties. The Export manager offers various options of configuration to derermine which documents shall be exported and stored in a portable data storage device. Not only the documents are exported, but also a mobile data base (up to 4GB) which includes the user interface of [accantum]. Thus you can use the exported documents as if you use [accantum] itself, without installation.

Usually this function is used for complex projects. After finishing the project you can easily transfer all related documents to your customer. Also tax consultants accept electronical docements for financial statements.

Viewing the exported document using the export viewer.

  • Flexibility: Documents are available on external devices
  • Documents are transferred to third parties without an installation of [accantum].
  • Independent from software provider


File Archiver

What to archive?

Using [accantum]-File-archiving any number of documents or complete folders can be archived, maintaining the structure of the folders. At first you need to define the destination of the folder, attributes and categories. Free variable parameters to be replaced during archiving.

Configuration by using the program screen

All settings which belong to the archive function are stored within the configuration. When using for the first time the archiver utilizes a so called default configuration, which can easily be changed with your specific configuration.

Thus it is possible to create folders based on date and given attributes which make it more easy to retrieve the documents later. Each configuration can be stored as standard or individual file. Additionally you can exclude special filetypes.

The archiving process can be stopped any time. In this case the archiver keeps track of the already filed documents and continues after restart. This is specifically useful for large data.

For further information about DirectLink please have a look at media library.

  • Archiving of directory trees including their structure
  • Saving documents without changing  (Emails with .eml  or .msg  data format)
  • Rulebased  Archiving
  • timedriven Windows-task for archiving defined files every day