By integration and adaption of our web-based software we offer completely new ways of optimizing business processes. "Application Integration" via Web Services and WCF combines applications in a cost-efficient, flexible and forward-looking way. A ready to use software solution meets your demands and - in case later on adaptions are needed due whatever reason - we develop easily additional functionalities or interfaces with our Application Programming Interface (API).


Microsoft Office Integration

With the integration into Microsoft Office all documents can be created, handled, archived and searched easily. Various tasks are pooled to one step to support a more efficient workflow.

Based on the integration to MS Office comprehensive DMS functionalities are shown on well known user interface, no matter if it is Outlook, SharePoint, MS Dynamics NAV, AX or CRM. Direct archiving and search within Microsoft Office makes automated workflows as well as  process-related compliant filing very easy.

For further information please have a look at media library.

  • Optimized use of central Office-templates
  • Access  to all corporate data – local or across locations
  • Use of well known IT interface with expanded options
  • No double-entry bookkeeping
  • Digital processes and workflows speed up handling of documents


Microsoft Sharepoint

Document-management and archiving together realize continuous workflow, customized to your needs. The [accantum]-SharePoint Connector combine both benefits of MS SharePoint and the strengths of [accantum] to a complete solution.
The goal is to simplify cooperation among employees. It doesn´t matter if you work in the office, with your smartphone enroute or online via browser - SharePoint 2010 allows any number of options. The [acantum]-SharePoint Connector offers lots of tools for both systems - the easy way to portray complex solution.
[accantum] allows the archiving directly from document libraries. Further attributes from external data sources can be integrated by SQL Extender, e.g. plaintext belonging to customer ID). With the export function you can archive copies and if needed you are able to delete the document from SharePoint list.
For further information about SharePoint please have a look at media library.
  • Efficient document administration by workflow  and revision control
  • Automatic and compliant  archiving
  • Quick location of documents
  • Easy, automated mapping



With Acantum API (Application Proramming Interface) you are able to use several functionalities of DMS. This way via API one can search for documents with metadata from different applications directly in the archive.

As well you can transfer documents and their data from third party systems into DMS. Our solution partners use API to develop interfaces between third party systems and to integrate parts of Accantum in their own products. For any questions about API and development or integration into your own system please contact our hotline.

  • API is provided by WCF-Service (SOAP)
  • Chance of complete integration of archive functionalities into your applications
  • For use with different kinds of programminghost languages (.NET, Java, Delphi)
  • Handling of Web-API without profound knowledge of programming

System requirements:

  • Needed: [Accantum] DMS/Archiv starting with Version 5.1.3
  • Programming language with access to WCF / SOAP (.NET, Java, Delphi)



With SAP-[accantum] Archiving   all significant documents are shown electronically and company-wide and of course audit-proof, cost-effective and usable in common storage systems.

Automatic archiving of SAP-documents

Filed documents are linked to the actual business process. Additional to incoming vouchers it possible to file delivery note, invoice, contract, file of restructuring, register and attachment like technical drawing, as well as outgoing vouchers like offers, orders or  invoices, etc.

The [accantum]-SAP-interface adapter transmits all data from and to [accantum].

Viewing of images in SAP or [accantum]

The [accantum]-SAP-interface -adapter  allows  access to any document belonging to customers, business partners and processes or  projects, no matter where they are generated,  if in SAP themselves, in  SAP ArchiveLink® or in other applications.

Document indication

With [accantum]-SAP-interface adapter all master documents will be call up directly from SAP.  The complete information is stored in central at [accantum]-Repository.

For this purpose [accantum] offers a full-text search.

  • Recording fast and at once   
  • Recording with or without barcode, afterwards
  • Archived documents are linked to the belonging  SAP business process, automatically
  • Archiving of incoming and outgoing voucher
  • Archiving of register or restructuring files
  • Dokumenten Visualisierung in SAP oder [accantum]