Hosted Server

Document-Warehouse based on Cloud Computing

Ahead of an effective resolution comes a sophisticated policy

The [accantum] „Document Warehouse“ - as a web-based document-archiving-solution - provides options to file, search, denote, download and store documents in an user-optimized way. Without any additional software all documents are processed electronically, named with headwords and will be stored in a data pool regarding to legal and regulative guide lines.

Using the Cloud application you easily have to start the Internet-Browser, login with password (user name- user account) and start working from everywhere and time-independent. The exchange-services of all documents are safely stored in the Cloud. You don´t need any capital investment of hard- or software. All services are operating with highly standard equipment and secure data processing center. The data base is completely coded and protected of unauthorized access.

Around the [accantum] Document-Warehouse you can expand or control the scope of services easy and individually.

You will find further information belonging to test purposes on our Accantum Document Warehouse Website.


  • Cost reduction
  • No need for investment for hardware
  • No need for investment for software
  • No filing limitation
  • Coded link to the archive
  • Automated data backup
  • Prompt availability
  • No administrative expenses
  • Worldwide access - no security risk
  • Operation of servers in a high-performance computing center
  • Easy Extension or reduction of the scope