19" Appliance

Document management even easier

The 19" Appliance solution is the proven [accantum] document and archive solution as a precasted 19" server rack. The Appliance is a pre-configured stand-alone system featured with high-performance hardware.

No additional hardware or software is required for operation. Completely pre-installed software and easy configuration via web interface allows installation of the complete DMS/archive system without any particular IT knowledge.

This makes the 19" Appliance the ideal solution for small medium-sized companies which

  • are looking for an integrated and compact solution
  • are intersted in operating a DMS system irrespective of any existing IT structures, but also can be integrated in an existing one if requested
  • attach importance to archiving in a simple way, compliant to law at the same time.

Pre-installed including all licenses

Pre-installed and fully licensed software means the system is "out of the box" ready for configuration - no need for installation of further software.

Easier than ever

Easy configuration in 8 steps via web interface allows to install the complete DMS/archive system with very little effort and no particular IT knowledge.

You’ll find detailed product information about the 19" Appliance in the Archive Cube prospect in the media center.


  • Pre-installed system:
    Windows Server, webserver, database, [accantum], OCR, backup etc.
  • Simple installation via configuration assistant:
    No particular knowhow needed
  • IT compliance:
    Regulatory Compliance
  • Scope:
    Archiving of around 4 million pages
    Includes 15 archive users included, expandable
    Email archiving for Outlook
    MS Office integration
    Additional modules
    Indicative price: € 6,990 plus VAT